You Mad?

Just happen to see this post by Daily Prompt:

When was the last time your walked away from a discussion, only to think of The Perfect Comeback hours later? Recreate the scene for us, and use your winning line.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us HEATED.

Glad to read this – done it quite many times, actually.

No, it’s not that I avoid certain topics to discuss – I only avoid the people. Sugar-coating my statements or doing those sweet talks aren’t my thing.

Attending social events is a definite nightmare for me.

Picture this:

You’re in a huge room, with lots of people walking around – chitter-chatters everwhere, exclamations of “Hi I haven’t seen you”, or “I love your hair, or dress, or whatever”.

And you’re this awkward person just standing there, clueless of what to do. You try to greet some random person, and get a strange do-I-know-you gaze.

So, you decided to just eat.

But you get a bit uncomfortable (and feeling a bit rude, perhaps?) by eating a lot.

Hesitantly, joining a group discussion will have to be an option.

The conversation wasn’t so bad. But you just can’t focus on anything.

The clock ticks very slowly. You’re getting sleepy.

Then, snap! This brilliant idea comes out (happens to me, most of the time)


The moment of truth! Aah that feeling of serenity and wit

I simply suggested myself to be invisible. Just think about being invisible. Believe you are invisible. (Quick tip: Just look down).

Slowly, your presence will diminish. And you manged to walk away safely.

Just escape anywhere you want!

I would prefer:

1. The toilet

2. The food stand

3. Go home!

Aah yes, the excuse, eh?

Just say, “The host was expecting me for a chit-chat”, (for a more dramatic impact, try saying it in a British accent. Or Russian. Both are savvy, yet classy! My favourite accents of all time)

What happens if you’re the host?

Probably, an “Excuse me, we are out of wine. I’ll go get some”,?

Daily Prompt, as always:



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  2. lincahceria5 · February 22, 2016

    I’m also an awkward person and I always need something to hold onto in social situation, e.g. food, cellphone, comic, novel, or simply a pen.

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